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  • Great News: Phase V is Moving! Phase V is proud to announce that we are moving to a larger warehouse, strategically located in the Premier Airport Park in Fort Myers, FL. Learn more.

  • Order & Inventory Management Our Ft. Myers fulfillment center goes to work to ensure your orders are fulfilled quickly and accurately.

  • Fulfillment ServicesEfficiently streamline and reduce the cost of your fulfillment from e-commerce, small business, retail, wholesale, international and more. Depend on Phase V to the heavy lifting while you grow your product offering.

  • Technology The right technology deployed in the right way can maximize your selling opportunities. Our technology easily integrates with most shopping carts giving you 24/7 visibility and control to monitor your inventory and order levels.

  • Warehousing, Distribution & Logistics Phase V strategically designs customized supply-chain services for your business, optimized to meet the demands of your critical logistics needs. From warehousing, to distribution and logistics our dedicated operations network is here to support your business’s needs.

Phase V is a one of a kind fulfillment company built to support your company’s expansion.

Phase V takes the time to explore your business and understand your vision. Armed with an understanding of your current fulfillment situation, business goals and product, we develop a tailor-made strategy to ensure you reach your goals. Phase V’s approach is systematically based on our following unique 5-step process:

Receive and Examine Inventory

Once your inbound shipment has arrived at Phase V, your inventory is examined for both quantity and quality.

Warehousing & Secure Storage

Your inventory will be stored in a secure, humidity controlled and ambient temperature warehouse that is strategically located in Southwest Florida.

Secure Inventory & Order management

Our affordable fulfillment systems are devoted to flexible integration, robust security and scalability.

Pick, Pack and Ship

As a data driven 3rd party logistics provider, we can apply advanced analytics to achieve the optimal shipping plan for your products.

Comprehensive Customer Service

Even when your customers require same day shipping or live inventory visibility, our Phase V customer service team has you covered!

What is the Fulfillment Process?Order fulfillment is the complete process from the beginning of the sales inquiry to the point your customer has received your product.

Phase V is there to work with you every step of the way. Our team will help you find the most cost- effective and time-efficient fulfillment process. Our customized solutions will meet your inventory management needs, whatever they may be!

Our Services

We develop, recommend, customize and support the most appropriate solution for you.

We are fully capable of executing large multilingual, national or international projects. Our commitment to quality and accuracy is the key element in our training, development, and monitoring programs.

Phase V Building

Phase V started its operations in 1980. Today, Phase V Fulfillment is at the fulfillment forefront using the latest technologies to provide a well-rounded lineup of products and services.

We are a one-stop shop that will seamlessly integrate the entire fulfillment process.