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Why Phase V

With over 35 years as a leader in the fulfillment industry for direct-to-consumer businesses, Phase V is dependable and focused on maximizing customer experience and satisfaction. As a customer-centric business, we offer scalable, no-hassle third party logistics for your growing e-commerce business. We customize our logistics to help your business maximize its success and growth opportunities. Our technology-focused warehouses are strategically located on the east coast in Florida and on the west coast in Arizona to provide the best shipping rates, reduce shipping time, and surpass your customers’ delivery expectations.

Phase V

Proprietary Software

Our proprietary software integrates seamlessly with most e-commerce shopping carts and shipping platforms. With 100% real-time order processing, data flows seamlessly through our system from the second your customer clicks the order button, up until your order is placed in your customer’s hands. Our warehouse personnel take action as soon as an order is received in one of our warehouses. Pick and pack items are boxed, labeled, and transported to our packing station


Data Managed Warehouse Transparency

Phase V receives your inventory, auditing it for quantity and inconsistencies before transferring it to a dedicated space and assigning SKUs to your products for easier, faster picking and packing. Our detailed and process-oriented packing operations are essential to attaining and improving our 99.99% accuracy rating. Phase V’s packing logistics team is skilled and experienced at customized packing, following your packing specifications and including any inserts and promotional materials


Hassle-Free Client Support

Phase V’s order fulfillment is 100% hassle-free. Our pricing is straightforward with no hidden fees. Our dedicated account managers are trained to support our clients’ logistics needs. Account managers are readily available to address your requests, keeping orders flowing through our system.


Phase V provides streamlined fulfillment services with 2-day delivery from our new 70,000+ square foot warehouse in the Premier Airport Park in Fort Myers, FL for deliveries to the eastern parts of the country and from our brand new 80,000+ square foot warehouse in Phoenix, AZ for deliveries to western areas of the country.

From click to shipped, it pays to choose Phase V!