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As an extension of your growing business, Phase V streamlines your order fulfillment processes, taking your pick, pack, and shipping operations to a new level of efficiency. Saving you time and money, our proprietary software allows our dedicated fulfillment experts to start processing your orders as soon as your customer presses the order button. Our warehousing and inventory management technology provide total transparency so your company and your customers can view your orders from our warehouse to your customer’s door, as seamlessly as possible. Whether you’re an e-commerce, retail, wholesale, subscription, or other business, Phase V’s one-stop shopping fulfillment platform ensures your orders are picked, packed, and shipped according to you and your customers’ expectations.

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We Provide Beginning-to-End Solutions

Your Phase V onboarding logistics team will help get you set up easily and expediently for success by:

Creating your Order Management System (OMS) account

Receiving your inventory

Integrating with your e-commerce shopping cart (Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce, Magento, etc.)

Configuring your users, order tracking, and shipping options

Setting up inventory alerts and reporting tools on our user-friendly data-driven dashboard

Partnering with you to navigate the fulfillment process

Our data-driven technology integrates with all major e-commerce platforms, retails stores via EDI or API, and major marketplaces, such as Walmart, Amazon, etc... importing their orders and transferring data real-time, complying with all visibility and transparency standards, in the process.

Picking & Packing

Working with our inventory management system, your orders are picked, then packed, according to your specified instructions. Offering a wide range of box, bag, and carton options, Phase V’s packaging personnel help automate your pick & pack assembly to include custom labeling, invoices, and bills of lading, along with branded packaging materials, special promotions, inserts, and gift-wrapping ability. Streamlining your packaging processes reduces costs and improves delivery times as your orders are sent to our shipping department.

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Access to Phase V’s discounted rates with all major carriers: FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS, and other freight companies. Our 3PL shipping logistics team provides cost-efficient shipping options and carriers that get your orders to their destinations on time. Our software helps you choose the most cost-effective shipping method, with just one click. With our 2-day ground shipping, in addition to expedited services, Phase V can handle a variety of specialized shipping options, such as drop and bulk shipping, along with specialized packaging and labeling. Our flexible order management system can handle complex order transactions, as well.

We partner with you to reduce costs for both domestic and international shipping, improve accuracy rates and enhance your customers’ experience.


Managing Orders

Our real-time inventory management protocol allows you better insights into your fulfillment processes, seamlessly integrating order channels into a centralized view of inventory. You can view your orders at any time during their journey to your happy customers. Along with tracking orders, our inventory management network provides real-time analytics and:

  • Instantly updates and synchronizes your inventory counts, 24/7
  • Lets you view and edit existing orders
  • Allows you to access our user-friendly software to cancel orders, put them on hold, or create a copy of an order
  • Allows you to easily update products to your inventory using User Interface, uploading .xls or .xlsx files
  • Can alert you to low-inventory counts, generate reports, and analyze data

Account Management

Phase V offers knowledgeable and resourceful account management that addresses any questions that you may have about all aspects of your fulfillment process. Our live account reps can walk you through any concern you may have about damaged products or the wrong product sent and expedite solutions to get those exchanges and replacement products into the system as soon as possible to retain optimal customer experience levels. With Phase V’s fast, accurate, hassle-free beginning-to-end solutions, you can get back to focusing on growing your business and expanding your product offerings.