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Fulfillment Services

Third-Party Logistics Fulfillment Solution from Phase V

Phase V’s fulfillment services offer you a third-party logistics solution to cost–efficiently and securely provide you with a complete fulfillment array of services to your exact service protocol.

We know shipping orders to customers can be a tedious process. Stocking products, maintaining warehouse staff, orchestrating packaging, shipments, tracking and fielding customer calls requires a lot of overhead. From the moment your customers place an order for your product, a clock begins to tick. Running a business is not easy. Flexibility is key to business success and by partnering with Phase V, your business can scale based on needs. Rather than having fixed expenses such as warehouse rent or staffing costs, your business can depend on Phase V to do the heavy lifting while you grow your product offering.

We know how important it is to limit the amount of time between the order being placed and when the order is received by your customer. Here at Phase V, we are committed to getting your products from our warehouses and into your customers hands quickly and securely. If your customer’s have questions about their products, they can contact us directly 24/7, leaving you time to grow your business.

We are a one-stop shop for all of your fulfillment services. We can effectively streamline and reduce your cost for fulfillment in e-commerce, direct mail, retail, wholesale, and more. At Phase V, we treat your products with respect and care, securely storing your merchandise in our secure facilities. Whether you are a startup or an established storefront, our experienced team of experts will provide the highest quality service to help streamline your operation. Phase V is that one-stop shop that can provide hands-on assistance every step of the way.

Contact us today for more information about our wide range of options for your fulfillment services. We‘re powered by state of the art technology, quality infrastructure and experienced staff. After 30 years of experience in the industry, we know how to apply advanced analytics to your fulfillment procedures that achieve measurable results.

Regardless of what products you’re shipping or how many orders you ship, our fulfillment services deliver customized beginning-to-end fulfillment solutions. Call us today!

Our Fulfillment Services Promise

Whether you simply need help storing your products or need a full range of services, our turn-key fulfillment services are designed to optimize your logistics.

Phase V is committed to:

  • Improving your operations by saving you time, money.
  • Eliminating long transit times, labor force expenses and minimizing product returns.
  • Increasing your shipping volume along with customer satisfaction.
  • Supporting your current and future business expansion.

Phase V has the resources to:

  • Receive and ship domestic and international deliveries.
  • Manage government shipping and packaging regulations.
  • Store and handle a variety of products.
  • Perform standard and customized packaging.
  • Effortlessly integrate and simplify your logistics management.
  • Completely automate your inventory control.

Phase V distribution warehouses are located in Fort Myers, Florida and Phoenix, Arizona, placing us in the perfect locations for affordable and efficient distribution for businesses in the Eastern, Western, and Southern United States. We have already partnered with businesses in the service areas listed below.