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Humidity Controlled and Ambient Temperature Storage

humidity controlled and ambient temperature Warehouse Storage Solutions from Phase V

Many products require and most products benefit from delicate care and storage solutions. Our secure, humidity controlled and ambient temperature warehouse storage solution is just right if you’re planning on storing your products for an extended period of time. Phase V’s humidity controlled and ambient temperature warehouse storage solutions will keep your products safe and secure.

In addition to our humidity controlled and ambient temperature storage we provide:

  • Humidity control where humidity levels are tracked hourly
  • Pest control
  • Real-time inventory monitoring and alerts when inventories are too low
  • Pallet or shelf storage

Excessive humidity and temperatures can lead to unnecessary product damage. Our modern warehouses are equipped with state-of–the-art monitoring for theft, humidity and temperature. The warehouse is regularly inspected for pest and rodent infestations and sprayed regularly so you know your product will not be damaged by the elements or pest pressures. Our highly-qualified staff offer your business customized advanced analytic solutions to your inventory monitoring and management whether you need pallet or shelving storage. Phase V has some of the most advanced inventory control, pick and pack and order management solutions in the fulfillment industry.

Rest assured that no matter which services you choose, your Phase V team will execute with the highest degree of administrative oversight.