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SAP & Last Mile Delivery

With Amazon and other fulfillment companies competing to deliver orders faster than ever, last mile delivery has become an important factor in order management. Many companies opt for a robust SAP system to handle their multi-channel sales outlets, inventory management, and database systems. While a robust SAP system can address many supply chain and operating functions, SAP systems can be expensive to set up and implement for small to medium size companies and your inventory can get lost in a huge data system. For businesses of any size in the Fort Myers area, less complicated and affordable solutions are located right in your area.

Phase V offers a foot up on last mile delivery

Phase V Fulfillment Company offers local businesses a foot up in the last mile delivery race. A one-of-a-kind 3PL provider, Phase V can streamline your supply chain operations and inventory management functions. Our warehousing and fulfillment services are custom designed for your business’s needs. Phase V’s scalable and flexible data-driven technology integrates with your shopping carts seamlessly, without losing track of your inventory in a large database. With skilled and experienced packing professionals, shipping logistics experts, and real-time inventory tracking, you can view and edit your orders via our web-based dashboard, keeping track of your inventory levels so that you can avoid frustrating back order and out-of-stock issues. Our customer service reps are available to address your customers’ needs in a timely and knowledgeable fashion, dealing with exchanges in the same time frame as original orders.

In-house freight transport important

Best of all, to keep you out in front of the competition, Phase V now offers delivery services to further streamline your last mile delivery times. Since your information is already in our system, our transport functions can shave more time off your last mile delivery rates. We offer consolidation services, along with de-consolidation services. With custom freight packaging and labeling as well as custom pricing for your different shipping needs you can offer the 2-day delivery time frame that is so important for e-commerce companies today.

Phase V clears Fort Myers businesses for 2-day delivery options

Fort Myers businesses can be in the clear for fast, efficient last mile delivery that leads to more orders from return customers. Phase V is here in Fort Myers to help you save time and money while you grow. A one-stop-shop for your 3PL services, we strive to automate your supply chain and inventory management functions. To optimize your fulfillment functions, in the Fort Myers area, go with Phase V Fulfillment Company, your local, affordable solution for last mile delivery and more!