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Amazon Last Mile Delivery

As e-commerce continues to evolve, one of the most important aspects for online shoppers and customer satisfaction is fast delivery! Since Amazon set the standard with its Amazon Prime subscriptions that offer free shipping and guarantee two-day delivery, online consumers expect fast delivery times, with no expedited shipping charges tacked on for the convenience. Now, online vendors are in a race to deliver orders as fast as possible at no cost to customers.

Faster Last Mile Delivery from Fort Myers

For Fort Myers businesses, fast, last mile delivery is no problem when you partner with Phase V Fulfillment Company. Located at 7920 Interstate Court in Fort Myers, Phase V can easily onboard all of your inventory to our secure, humidity-controlled, ambient temperature storage facility. As your 3PL provider, our fulfillment specialists pick, package, label, and ship your orders fast and efficiently, according to your specs, including all branded materials and delivery options. Working to save you money and increase your sales, Phase V customizes your fulfillment plan to fit your company’s needs and goals by automating parts of your fulfillment process whenever possible. Streamlining your fulfillment process saves time, improving your last mile delivery service.

Web-based Technology is Easy to Navigate

Easy to use, our customized order and inventory management system integrates seamlessly with most online shopping carts. You can view inventory counts in real-time, in addition to creating and editing orders. Our user-friendly dashboard lets you perform other administrative tasks such as analyzing sales data and setting up low inventory alerts so you know when to restock.

In-house Transportation Services

Phase V now offers freight shipping to expedite your last mile delivery. Whether you require domestic or international shipping, Phase V moves your bulk shipping through our transportation system faster with less stress than dealing with an outside carrier. With your information already in our system, Phase V offers custom freight packing and labeling, freight consolidation and separation or reconsolidation services, and quality control for arriving and departing freight.

Amazon Prep Available

Like many of our clients, you want to increase your exposure by selling on multiple channels. No doubt, a Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) presence boosts your exposure and enhances your bottom line. At Phase V, you can save your company time and money by allowing us to prep your products for FBA. With FBA’s stringent requirements for packaging and shipping, let our packaging logistics experts take on the daunting task of understanding and complying with the long list of requirements necessary to sell your products through Amazon. Our customer service reps are rigorously trained to address your concerns and your customers’ concerns 24/7.

For Fort Myers businesses looking to cross the finish line fast in the last mile delivery race, strategically located Phase V Fulfillment is positioned to keep your customers satisfied and coming back for more of your products. Staying relevant in last mile delivery is just one of the reasons to partner with Phase V Fulfillment Services. Contact us today!