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Transportation Services

Local Last Mile Deliveries in Fort Myers

What does last mile delivery really mean and how can it apply to your business in the local Fort Myers area? Our team at Phase V is dedicated to ensuring that you and your company are educated to understand the added value and advantages a last mile delivery service can provide to your operations. We will show you what the current market outlook reveals and how our team is positioned to provide transportation for local deliveries in Fort Myers and the surrounding areas such as Sanibel, Estero, Lehigh Acres, Cape Coral or Bonita Springs.

Last Mile Delivery and Transportation

With an increase in demand for a two-day delivery period, Phase V now offers last mile delivery services to new and existing clients. Last mile delivery allows our clients to offer their customers a quicker delivery time in the local Fort Myers area as well as the ability to monitor their delivery volume in a short period of time.

Whether you are in the agriculture, fishing, educational service, health care, social assistance, retail, trade, construction or manufacturing industries; Phase V’s transportation will allow you to offer the option of last mile deliveries quicker and more efficiently.

Order volume will increase and decrease monthly or even week over week. With last mile deliveries, clients are able to make use of Phase V’s transportation to account for these differences.

Phase V will help you in the last lap with last mile delivery

Located at 7920 Interstate Court, North Fort Myers, our facilities offer:

  • With our transport trucks, Phase V is fully equipped to deliver packages in a speedy turnaround time efficiently in the local Fort Myers area
  • Phase V will work with you and your team directly to cut the costs associated with last mile delivery

 Transportation services eliminate your need to contract outside carriers

  • Custom freight packaging and labeling depending on every delivery need
  • Customized pricing to scale deliveries in a quick turnaround time

Let Phase V take care of all of your business’s last mile delivery and transport needs. We work with you to help you grow and save money at every opportunity along the way. Get on board with Phase V as your transportation service in the last mile.

We will help your company transport those last mile deliveries to your customers quicker as Phase V is organized within the local area to increase speed, efficiency and security.

Contact Phase V and let us help write your Fort Myers success story!