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Small Parcel Shipping

Phase V’s Small Parcel Shipping Solution

Phase V’s Small Parcel Shipping Solution is Optimized to Handle the Following:

  • Promotional shipments,
  • Printed materials and literature,
  • Business-to-business sales,
  • Business-to-consumer orders,
  • Pick and pack assembly,
  • E-commerce orders,
  • Drop shipments,
  • Multi-product orders shipped to the same destination,
  • And much more!

When Phase V manages all your small parcel shipping needs, we eliminate the risk many e-commerce and traditional retailers run for overcharges on their small parcel shipments.

Phase V will customize your packaging and labeling so that shipments will appear to come directly from you or your retail distribution partner.  We will cost-effectively manage all your shipping carrier requirements and timing.  You will be able to track your parcel's shipping from order conception to its final destination using our sophisticated tracking software.   If you want to include your customer in the shipping tracking loop, we can add a link or button to your e-commerce site that will enable them to track their own shipment.  Our service also includes a customer service department that is available to your customers for returns and other problems related to your small parcel shipments.

As your third party logistics partner, we take care of the shipping complexity and make it our goal to facilitate your success.