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Shipping & Carrier Management

Third-party Logistics and Shipping Management from Phase V

Our third party logistics program includes an extensive list of shipping carrier management solutions to provide our clients with comprehensive shipping solutions for all their product shipping needs.  Phase V has over thirty years of logistics experience.   Let our logistic teams optimize a shipping plan for your international or domestic shipping needs.

Phase V warehouses can ship to most domestic addresses within two days via ground shipping along with expedited services as needed. International shipments are shipped to the world’s largest trade zones after a detailed consideration of options to determine the most cost-effective solution to minimize customs fees.

Our shipping carrier management program includes shipments requiring special handling or specialized packaging and labeling.   Your team at Phase V will easily accommodate any special shipping or carrier needs for your firm. We can assist in automating your pick and pack assembly or handle your prepacked parcels per your customized instructions for any drop shipping or other bulk shipping needs.  From   unpacking your product from pallet storage to re-packaging, labeling and shipping to it's final destination, you will be able to track your product every step of the journey.

Our warehouse management system provides detailed product orders and printed packing slips for accurate shipments. Orders are usually shipped first thing in the morning but special requests are easily accommodated all day long.  You will receive inventory alerts whenever your product count falls below a mutually agreed upon amount.

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