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Returns & Refurbishment

Easy to use return process for credit and exchanges from Phase V

Returns can be a customer service nightmare for vendors. Phase V’s turnkey solution focuses on improving the speed and accuracy of providing the replacement shipments without irritating your customers. Our dedicated customer service management team processes and ships the replacement products in a timely manner, regardless of whether it was received from the final consumer or a retailer within your supply chain.

Consumer Return and Replacement Products

We use a sophisticated, yet easy to use, system that helps manage returns for credit and exchanges. Our system is integrated seamlessly with the vendor’s online shopping cart. Phase V will follow your customized reverse process flow and defective return criteria to protect products that can be resold.  Products that are in good condition will be preserved and returned to your inventory.

Retailers Return and Replacement Products

Phase V processes large volume returns for big box retailers and small companies. We provide accurate counts of items returned and confirm information with the client. Once the returned item has reached our facilities, it can take up to three days to process.  When your products require refurbishment, Phase V uses an advanced returns processing protocol to execute  the mutually agreed upon guidelines we have established with our customers.

Outsourcing your fulfillment to Phase V gives you and your clients a 24/7 contact center for assistance with all your customer service needs. The call center will  help you manage your entire return product replacement and refurbishment process.