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Warehouse Management

Great Technology Makes for Great Warehouse Management

The Phase V's warehouse management system provides our customers with a comprehensive,  state-of-the-art warehouse management system.  Our team has over thirty years experience as a third-party logistics company so we understand the importance of transparent, quality and quantity inventory checks.

The technology or software for our warehouse management system includes:

  • Receiving your inventory and checking the accuracy for the quantity and quality of the products,
  • Once we receive an order, our pick and pack team springs into action to fulfill your order,
  • The item is then removed from your inventory and prepared for shipment and tied to the order in the order management software,
  • You and your customers have the ability to search orders by a variety of variables,
  • View your inventory levels,
  • Receive low inventory alerts, and manage industry triggers,
  • Check return statuses of your products,
  • View back order and refurbishment reports,
  • View invoices and inventory reports,
  • Track your shipment and provide a link for your customer's to track their shipments  from the warehouse to their final destination,
  • And much more!

When you partner with Phase V you have our assurance we will customize a comprehensive and transparent fulfillment solution that saves you time and money.