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Phase V’s proprietary software is designed to optimize everything you need to run and manage your e-commerce business. Our data-powered dashboard is intuitive, making it user-friendly and easy to access the many functions that you use in every aspect of your fulfillment operations to keep your business competitive. Transparency in day-to-day operations from recieving inventory, to the pick and pack process, to knowing where your orders are in transit, to real-time inventory level info, Phase V’s software works for you, so you can work smarter!

Phase V Software Dashboard


From our dashboard, you can access information about receiving orders to restock your inventory, showing you products that are in receiving status. You can add products and information about new products from our user-interface receiving order template. You can create ASNs to notify when a product is about to be received which provides information on quantity, product description and estimated arrival date.



Phase V allows you to easily integrate your shopping carts with our proprietary software. Coordinating your omnichannel outlets gives you an overview of your orders in one place at one time, in real-time.


Order Management

You can check the status of your orders from our dashboard. Tracking information is posted back to your website so your customers can track their orders accordingly. You can create orders and edit orders that have reached one of our warehouses but are not yet fulfilled and our software allows you to put an order on hold or cancel it before the order is ready for shipping.



Our software compares carrier rates to help you choose the most cost-effective shipping method. The software will select a shipping method automatically if you have selected this option.

shipping orders

Inventory Management

Our real-time inventory management software allows you to set up low inventory alerts, so that you can reach out to your suppliers, initiating purchase orders to replenish your inventory to avoid out of stock and backorder situations that are frustrating for shoppers and potentially costly for you, as an online vendor.

inventory dashboard


Phase V’s software allows you to view returns, generate return labels, and know when the items reach our warehouse so you can process refunds and assess returns to be returned to inventory and designate those that are damaged.

returns dashboard

Reporting and Forecasting

With our data analysis functions, you can also view all orders and items shipped to determine which products are moving, which products could be reduced for a quick sale, or which products can be offered as a bundle in a promotional sale. Our software allows you to perform data analysis to predict the amount of inventory you will need on hand for the upcoming holiday season or other seasonal sales cycles. You can also generate sales revenue reports to predict trends in customer tastes moving forward.


Phase V’s proprietary software provides the engine your business needs to communicate with all of the components, to ensure your fulfillment operations run smoothly and cost-efficiently with over 99.9% accuracy and consistent on-time deliveries.

From clicked to shipped, Phase V’s software powers your expansion to the next level of your success!