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Pick & Pack

At Phase V Fulfillment, our Pick & Pack personnel retrieve your products from your dedicated space in our secure, climate-controlled facilities, in our Ft. Myers, FL facility, with dedicated air-conditioned areas and at our fully air-conditioned facility in Phoenix, AZ. Phase V excels as a one-of-a-kind fulfillment company that tailors your company’s fulfillment needs, automating your Pick & Pack process to shorten the time and cut the costs of getting your orders to your customers as soon as possible.

Barcoding improves accuracy and expedites your fulfillment processes

To expedite your operations and improve on Phase V’s 99.99% accuracy rating, we utilize software that scans barcoded products and updates inventory in real-time, as your products are picked and packed. The barcoding software also alerts your Pick & Pack team to send you low inventory alerts when your inventory reaches a predetermined level that allows you ample time to restock your inventory. To further automate your Pick & Pack operations, our logistics team works with you to determine the optimal picking method for your orders.

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Picking Methods

There are two things we know about online shopping trends – consumers want free shipping and they want their products to arrive as soon as possible. At Phase V, you can customize your Pick & Pack services to accommodate your needs, using the different types of picking methods we offer. These types of picking include:

  • Batch picking If you have many orders of the same product to fulfill, your orders can be picked all at once, instead of one at a time to save time spent running around the warehouse to fulfill orders.
  • Zone picking This method involves picking one order at a time from a specific area of our warehouse.
  • Wave picking A combination of the above picking methods, wave picking optimizes your fulfillment needs to reduce costs and streamline your Pick & Pack processes.

At Phase V, our Pick & Pack processes are focused on the types of customers we serve.

  • Retail We pick multiple products to complete your orders or we can build and kit orders for subscription boxes, auto shipping, and more.
  • Wholesale Our warehouse management software allows you to set up bulk processing, so you can fulfill B2B orders just as easily as your B2C orders, prepping orders, packing one SKU per carton.

Driven by tech, powered by people, Phase V’s Pick & Pack process customizes your orders to optimize time and savings, designed to help your business continue to grow and scale. With precise attention to the details of your packaging guidelines, Phase V’s packaging logistics pros prepare your orders including specified inserts, custom wrapping materials, as well as custom invoices and shipping labels.

Phase V supports future ship orders, subscriptions, multi-channel orders, and more. Our order tracking solutions keep you informed of your order’s status at all times throughout the order fulfillment process. From click to shipped, your success and expansion are our primary goals. Contact us to learn more about how Phase V Fulfillment can set you up for success.

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