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Kitting & Assembly

At Phase V, Kitting & Assembly services are an essential part of the fulfillment process that simplifies fulfilling orders that consist of more than one item.

  • You may need kitting services when some of the products you sell arrive from your manufacturers as separate pieces of a product that go together to create one item.
  • You may also need kitting services to unpack some of the items your manufacturer sends in one box that are included in the kits you need to assemble.
  • Common kits include product samples, promotional inserts, and any grouping of items to form an individual SKU.

Ready-to-assemble furniture, gift baskets, and subscription sales fall into this category. Kits created ahead of time and stored in your inventory eliminate complex and time-consuming picking processes and ensure all of the pieces that go into a kit are assembled in the order you want them to appear. Pre-kitting is usually performed in batches for kits that sell often or fast and for subscription orders that contain all of the same items for a particular month, for example.

Kitting and Assembly

How Your Business Can Benefit From Kitting & Assembly Services

When e-commerce vendors offer a collection of items, as a promotion, a special sale, or as subscriptions, you sell more of your inventory than you do when you sell single orders. You can merchandise more of your inventory by combining products, essentially extending your inventory. Currently gaining in popularity, e-commerce vendors are keeping shoppers engaged by offering subscription sales that usually require assembling a group of items to send to customers on an ongoing basis at a predetermined time, often monthly. Some companies offer hand-curated orders that vary from month to month and season to season.

Kitting services also reduce administration costs, with fewer purchase orders to process and these services allow you better use of your storage space, as well as reducing Pick & Pack production cycle times. Pre-kitting also helps reduce shipping mistakes and improves your packaging processes.


Managing your Kitting & Assembly projects

For kitting services to work for your fulfillment process, tech-enhanced inventory management technology is required to track your inventory, giving you real-time inventory counts that automatically updates for every item in your kitted orders. Phase V sets you up for success by sending you low inventory alerts so you can restock your inventory in ample time to make sure all of the items in your kits are in stock when you need them to pre-kit orders. From picked to shipped, Phase V saves you time and money, streamlining your fulfillment processes with Kitting & Assembly services!