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Third Party Logistics

Third-party logistics, or 3PL service providers, refer to companies that specialize in taking over your e-commerce logistics operations. Including warehousing, order fulfillment, inventory management, and other logistical services, 3PL providers relieve e-commerce vendors of the busy work of order fulfillment so you can get more done, in addition to giving you an edge on the competition – with the logistics and infrastructure in place to automate your order fulfillment needs.

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Some 3PL Are Better Than Others: The Right 3PL

E-commerce businesses that have been experiencing significant growth recently have realized the value of tech-empowered 3PL providers, such as Phase V. To optimize your order fulfillment processes and meet the increasing demands of online consumers for faster delivery times, Phase V offers your successful business our comprehensive, 3PL fulfillment services.

Phase V 3PL Services: 99.99% Accuracy Rating

The right 3PL provider will partner with you to keep growing your business by optimizing your pick, pack, and ship processes to save time getting your orders to your customers on time, with a high percentage of accuracy. Phase V’s tech-empowered 3PL works right along with you to boost your sales, as well as attract new business and business opportunities. We customize your plan to accommodate your business needs while streamlining your dynamic warehousing, fulfillment, and supply chain procedures. Our 3PL process works like this:

Onboard Your Inventory

To provide streamlined fulfillment services, Phase V onboards your inventory into one of our two new, secure, fully built-out facilities, located on opposite sides of the US, one in Fort Myers, FL, and the other one in Phoenix, AZ. In most cases, distributed warehousing speeds up the time your orders will be delivered to your customers, as your products are stored close enough to meet two-day delivery shipping times. Distributed warehousing also gives you options when weather or some other event prevents you from shipping out of one of your warehouses.

Check Your Inventory into Our Facilities

Our logistics team receives your inventory, assigning your products SKUs and universal product codes that keep your inventory organized and trackable from receiving to delivery into your customers’ hands. We unpack and inspect your inventory for quality and quantity on arrival, assigning a dedicated space for your products.

Bring the Technology

With our sophisticated, user-friendly system, you can access the technology that integrates with your Amazon, eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, and other e-commerce shopping carts to funnel all of your multi-channel sales, into one real-time picture, giving you a consolidated picture of your orders and your inventory status at all times. Once your customer submits an order, that information goes directly to our warehouse team. There, we locate and select or “pick” your products to send to our packaging stations from your inventory.

Customize Your Fulfillment Plan

Working from your customized order fulfillment plan, our packaging logistics team receives your orders, implementing piece, batch, and wave picking services to best accommodate your orders’ boxing requirements. Following your guidelines, our packaging team packs your products, with all inserts, promotional materials, and branded packing supplies you requested. Phase V works with you to automate your Pick & Pack operations, offering Kitting & Assembly, where these services will save time in packing and processing orders. Your Phase V packing logistics team utilizes containers and boxes with dimensions and weights that will save you the most money in shipping costs.

Ship it Out

Phase V uses best practices to find the most efficient carriers and shipping options for your orders. With automated creation and printing of custom invoices, packing labels, and bills of lading, your orders move through the shipping process and out for delivery, according to the shipping options selected. Phase V offers 2-day ground service for domestic orders to meet current delivery expectations.

Phase V: Sets You Up for Success

Our beginning-to-end 3PL services incorporate best-in-class practices including:

  • Transparent and effective order and inventory management solutions
  • Advanced distribution solutions for a variety of fulfillment needs
  • Scaling your labor needs to your sales cycles
  • Cost-effective shipping rates both domestically and internationally
  • Custom invoicing, labeling, and packaging to grow your brand
  • Account management to help your customers with any order questions, returns, and exchanges
  • And so much more!