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Retail & Omnichannel Fulfillment

Did you know that even with the convenience of online shopping, many consumers still prefer to make in-store purchases? While shoppers may research products online, 50% still prefer to visit retail stores to purchase products. Therefore, having a strategy that ensures your product can be everywhere your customers will be is imperative for business growth. At Phase V, our data-driven 3PL services assist you with your omnichannel retail fulfillment strategies with flexible, flawless solutions that meet the unique requirements of each of your distribution needs. Your Phase V logistics team helps you with your various packaging and shipping configurations, tailored to each of your retailer's specifications.

Streamlining your fulfillment process, our packaging logistics pros ensure your products comply with the full spectrum of labeling, packaging requirements, shipping guidelines, and software integration needs.


Phase V sets you up for success by providing:

  • Customized retail fulfillment with quality solutions and cost-effective pricing
  • Technology integrations and EDI compliance
  • Flexible and retail-tailored packaging solutions from assembly and guide compliance to retailer-specific packing and custom labeling
  • Cross-docking
  • Consolidation and breaking bulk
  • Reliable, fast coast-to-coast shipping services that connect North American markets
  • Storage solutions that eliminate the need for you to maintain a warehouse, with all of the labor, supplies, and equipment costs involved in in-house fulfillment.
  • Stocking and restocking your products
  • Storage for your products in our secure, temperature-controlled warehouses until you need them shipped
  • Reverse logistics, including customer returns management

At Phase V, our objective is two-fold: To deliver on-time, damage-free shipments of your products accurately with proper documentation for your successful retail fulfillment operations and to allow you to do what you do, sell and develop new products, while we get your orders to your customers. For all of your unique retail fulfillment needs, Phase V can simplify your life, reduce costs, and help you grow.