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Multi-Channel Orders

Phase V has comprehensive fulfillment solutions for Multi-Channel Orders

Do you sell products through multiple channels such as Amazon, eBay, or your website? Are you listing your inventory in multiple locations? If so, then you really need to consider having a multi-channel fulfillment system to keep track of your inventory. A multi-channel fulfillment system allows you to ship your inventory to customers who order through any sales channels.

Placing your products on multiple sales channels expands your presence and automates your fulfillment operations. Your customers and prospective customers are everywhere, it is important that you are too! With all inventory managed from one location, you can rest assured that your published inventory levels are accurate. A multi-channel order system can help your business learn which systems are performing successfully.

Up to the minute status reports let you select and review orders by status. No matter how orders are shipped (standard, overnight, etc.) you can track from within our multi-channel order management software.

Phase V receives all your orders sold through your different channels, and our warehouse management system will make sure that each and every order is processed fast and accurately.  You will have all the tracking information about your orders at your fingertips, 24/7.

Save time and money with Phase V's multi-channel order fulfillment solutions, call us today!