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Minimize Back Order Problems with Phase V's Inventory Alerts

When stock is unavailable to ship a back order situation can be created.  Back orders usually mean lost revenue and lost opportunities.  To easily avoid the effect that back orders have on your business, our inventory management system keeps you advised when you are running low on inventory.

Phase V helps you avoid the back order pitfalls found below:

  • Unnecessary customer service waste of time and money,
  • Order cancellations and increased returns,
  • Additional shipping fees for expedited and rushed services necessitated by back orders or out-of-stock merchandise,
  • Increase in dissatisfied customers and clientele,
  • Providing a bad first or last experience with your company's brand.

We acknowledge that sometimes back orders are unavoidable. Communicating with your customers is key to minimizing the problem and building trust. We know that back orders can derail your expanding business portfolio. Improve your back order inventory with Phase V’s logistical experts.

Back orders can create a lot of challenges for organizations and their customers. With a trusted fulfillment center, like Phase V, behind you, your company can ensure your customers will have the best possible outcome from our managing your inventory and providing a better customer experience.