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Order Management

Comprehensive Fulfillment Order Management by Phase V 

Phase V's fulfillment order management provides a comprehensive solution for you and your customers.  Phase V’s outsourced fulfillment logistics teams deliver a variety of integrated warehouse management solutions. Whether your orders are domestic, international or a mixture of both, you are covered with our multiple sales channel technology designed to ensure customer satisfaction. With our advanced technology you have the ability to:

  • Integrate with a variety of e-commerce shopping carts that send the orders directly to Phase V for fulfillment and shipping.
  • Accurately track your orders from the time placed until the time your product reaches its final destination.
  • Update your inventory when the order is pulled and made ready to ship.
  • Minimize back orders and out-of stock items with our inventory alert system. Our warehouse will send you an alert as soon as your inventory runs low.
  • Group orders effectively for lower cost shipping.
  • Verify addresses and SKU accuracy to be sure we are shipping the complete order to a complete address.
  • Identify and optimize carrier selection both domestically or internationally.
  • And much more!

When you utilize our fulfillment order management system, you can be assured your products will securely reach their final destination and you can focus your efforts on selling more product.