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How Can Last Mile Delivery Help Local Retailers?

How Can Last Mile Delivery Help Local Retailers

Until recently, online shoppers were happy waiting 2 or 3 days when shopping for products online. As online shopping has evolved and Amazon has raised the bar on delivery times, online shoppers now expect their orders to arrive in almost the same time it would take to go to a retail location and just buy the product. However, as online shopping has given retail brick and mortar locations a run for their money, local retailers now offer more products for sale online only than they keep in stock in their retail locations. In turn, shoppers are demanding faster delivery times for retail products that are only offered online by their favorite big-box retailers, florists, fruit producers, manufacturers, industrial supply companies, clothing and apparel, and other industries in the Fort Myers area. While the big guys, such as Amazon, are exploring and utilizing crowdsourcing, known as Amazon Flex in conjunction with ride-sharing services and exploring the use of drones, local Fort Myers retailers possess a phenomenal tool in the last mile delivery race.

Fort Myers businesses have a leg up on local deliveries

As a Fort Myers local retailer with a physical location, an online-only platform or as part of other industries that sell their inventory online, Phase V Fulfillment is poised to offer you faster delivery times than larger service providers. While some big 3PL providers are trying out all sorts of ways to reduce last mile delivery times, Phase V, a one-of-a-kind 3PL provider, can easily compete with these fast last mile delivery services for local retailers. Our service will save you money and time while you grow your business.

From onboarding to fast last mile delivery

As 3PL providers are gaining popularity, due to the organizational resources and savings they create for growing companies, Phase V Fulfillment is positioned to help Fort Myers businesses perform at an optimal level. As a one-stop fulfillment shop, Phase V can help your Fort Myers business expand while saving you money and time in every aspect of your supply chain operations. Our facilities, conveniently located at 7920 Interstate Ct, North Fort Myers, FL, offer secure, ambient temperature and humidity-controlled storage for your product.

Transportation services

Phase V now offers transportation services. This is a game-changer. Local retailers in the educational publishing, manufacturing, and construction, as well as fishing, trade, healthcare, social assistance, cosmetics, supplements, jewelry, and other industries, can eliminate the headache of finding an outside carrier to deliver their products. Instead, as a Phase V client, your information is already in our system and we’re already working to get your orders out for delivery with our new transportation trucking services. Phase V customizes freight packaging and labeling, with customized pricing that will save your Fort Myers business the costs associated with last mile delivery.

Fort Myers businesses are on track to keep improving their bottom lines due to their proximity to Phase V Fulfillment. Close enough to quickly resolve any hiccups in your orders, Phase V’s proven ability to take the reins on all of your 3PL services allows you to concentrate on developing new products and running your business. Fast, last mile delivery is critical to growing your Fort Myers business and Phase V checks all the right boxes for local retailers when it comes to streamlining your ordering processes to ensure fast last mile delivery service.

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