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Mount Pleasant

Phase V Fulfillment - Mount Pleasant, SC

We serve Mount Pleasant based businesses with our warehouse located in Southwest Florida.

Located in central Charleston County, northwest of one of the most coveted charms on the South Carolina coast, the town of Mount Pleasant benefits from Charleston’s appeal as a popular and inviting tourist destination. A rapidly growing area, with a robust economy, Mount Pleasant’s commercial success has been driven by the service industry and her deep-water shipping port. Many technology companies and office support industries are choosing Mt. Pleasant as their base of operations and Money Magazine recently included Mt. Pleasant in their top 75 cities to live in, in the US.

With significant long-term plans in the works, Mt. Pleasant’s business outlook is promising. Small and large businesses alike, are planning to expand their operations. If your Mount Pleasant business is doing well and is starting to grow beyond your initial business plan, you might be looking for ways to simplify your supply chain operations. Expanding your company to the next level can be a little overwhelming - renting or buying warehouse space and assembling a team to affordably and efficiently package and ship your products. Many companies get so caught up in increased order processing and shipping needs that product development and production take a hit in the process. Then there’s the labor overhead and warehouse expenses to consider. Phase V can help you with your fulfillment processes and inventory management operations. Our fulfillment warehouses are located in Fort Myers, Florida and Phoenix, Arizona, making them the perfect locations for affordable and efficient distribution for business in the Eastern, Western, and South United States.

Phase V Fulfillment Company, located in Ft. Myers, Florida and Phoenix, Arizona, can help you manage logistics and reduce overhead for your Mt. Pleasant business

We partner with your Mount Pleasant-based business to help streamline your order processing and inventory management systems into one comprehensive, cost-effective plan. Phase V works closely with your team to learn about your company’s goals and philosophies in order to customize your supply chain needs. With flexible, scalable solutions, Phase V Fulfillment Company saves you time and money. We allow you to focus on product development and the other aspects of your coastal South Carolina business and leave the fulfillment logistics to us.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Warehousing, Distribution & Logistics developed through our dedicated operations network supports your Mt. Pleasant area business needs. From our conveniently located fulfillment facilities in North Ft. Myers, Florida and Phoenix, Arizona, we constantly audit and update your inbound and outbound inventory. Moreover, we help you develop international distribution for your operations in Charleston county. Situated near all domestic shipping routes and international ports of call, Phase V’s shipping experts find the most affordable and efficient methods and carriers for your domestic and international distribution.
  • Fulfillment Services that include Pick & Pack, Order Fulfillment, Wholesale Fulfillment and Direct to Consumer Fulfillment. Our fulfillment pros accurately manage your inventory. Phase V uses SKUs, stock keeping units, to identify your products and facilitate receiving, storing, removing, preparing, and shipping your orders. Packing experts assemble your orders, to your specifications, along with branded materials and promotional inserts, tailored to your e-commerce business, online retail company, small business, startup or large retail company in need of international fulfillment services.
  • Order & Inventory Management uses Phase V’s data-driven, real-time inventory management system, giving you easy access to your orders and product lines. Our fully automated inventory management system allows seamless integration with online shopping carts. Applying our 30 years of experience in third-party logistics, Phase V processes your current orders, backorders, future ship orders and multi-channel orders, while maintaining ideal accuracy levels. From our multi-functional dashboard, you can track your inventory in real time. With the ability to generate inventory forecasts, you can plan for increasing sales and analyze financial data. You can also track your orders, as we keep you updated from the time your orders ship until they arrive in your satisfied customers’ hands.
  • Technology that automates your fulfillment processes is crucial to logistics solutions that perform well. Our state-of-the-art software promotes transparency with 24/7 visibility customized for your inventory. Phase V’s dashboard allows you to set up low inventory alerts as well as create new orders, edit existing orders, search orders, check inventory levels, view invoices, check return statuses and perform other administrative tasks for your Mount Pleasant area company.
  • Customer Management is first and foremost at Phase V Fulfillment Company, as we know exceptional customer service builds lasting, long-term Outstanding customer support generates customer satisfaction and promotes brand loyalty that results in return business and referral sales for your Mt. Pleasant, SC business. Partnering with Phase V, our customer service reps strive to improve customer experience and provide fully transparent reporting.


Phase V has partnered with many businesses in a variety of industries over the last 30 years. Some of these industries include:

  • Nutraceuticals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Publishing
  • Pet Products
  • Kitting and Assembly Services for large sellers
  • Small Electronics
  • E-Cigarettes
  • Health and Fitness
  • Monthly subscription programs
  • Small Businesses
  • Kickstarters & Startups

Phase V Fulfillment Company’s one-stop shopping platform helps your local area business move into your next successful phase, without disrupting your production schedule.  Phase V works with you to help your company expand without compromising your forward momentum and saving you precious time and money in the process. Contact us to find out how Phase V can help your Mt. Pleasant, SC business establish a more organized workflow for your busy future. Contact us today!