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George Otte

George Otte

Owner and President

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George Otte, Miami entrepreneur, is a seasoned executive and business leader with more than a decade of multi-faceted business operations experience. He is best known as the founder and chairman of the Otte Polo Group, a holding company that does business both in the U.S. and internationally. The Otte Polo Group owns several subsidiaries operating in product fulfillment, computer technical support, call center and telephone answering service, and real estate investment industries, and continues to seek promising opportunities for growth and expansion in these areas. 

Otte began his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 21 with the founding of Tech Support Services, a well-rounded technical support and repair company. While enrolled full time in a South Florida university, Otte grew TSS from a one-man operation into a thriving business with more than 100 unique clients. Within three years of the company's founding — and before Otte's 25th birthday — TSS was known as the premier service provider. For the next few years, Otte acquired Geeks on Site and focused on building the company into a nationwide provider of on-site tech support, remote computer repair, and other value-added technology services.

Eager to expand beyond computer repair and technical support, Otte launched Responsive Call Center in 2012. As a geographically diverse call center and telephone answering service company catering to businesses of all sizes, Responsive Call Center built upon the customer service values and missions that Otte had previously developed.

In 2013, George acquired his third company, Phase V Fulfillment. As an existing fulfillment, direct mail, and contact center with a varied portfolio of customers, including some dating back to the early 1980s, Phase V offered Otte a rare opportunity to build a legacy business into a modern powerhouse.

Under Otte's expert direction, Phase V has grown into Florida's top fulfillment company. Phase V handles a wide range of third party logistic solutions, and value added supply chain operation solutions for its customers, allowing them to focus on what they do best: growing their business and forgoing lasting customer relationships. Phase V's capabilities include:

  • Receive and examine inventory for quantity and quality control.
  • Warehousing and storage in a secure, humidity controlled and ambient temperature storage warehouse.
  • Secure inventory and order management with the aligned goals of security, scalability and flexible integration.
  • Advanced analytics to develop the ideal shipping & logistics plans.
  • Comprehensive customer service.
  • In addition to other value added logistics solutions.
  • Simply put, Phase V is all about helping clients find turnkey solutions, going lean and staying lean, even as they drive new business and grow into new markets. Phase V handles every step of the process — from the initial sales inquiry to the moment the customer receives the product.

Otte continues to encourage innovation, as well as successful business growth, at all of Otte Polo's subsidiaries. Moreover, he is always looking for new opportunities in existing and adjacent industries. He continues to found and acquire new subsidiaries — including Otte Real Estate, a privately-held real estate investment firm, which came into being in 2015.