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How it Works

Phase V streamlines your order fulfillment from click to shipped. We pick, pack, and ship directly to your customers through our tech-enabled 3PL system. Our proprietary software and fulfillment network ensure that your customers' experience is seamless, from the time they place their order to the time their order is delivered. Worried about returns? We take care of those too, so you can focus on growing your orders while we focus on fulfilling them.

Our fulfillment services are designed to provide you with better insight into your order fulfillment process and help you reduce costs, improve delivery experience, and give you back the time you need to grow your business.

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Streamlining Your Fulfillment Is Easy and Only Takes a Few Steps

Connect your store – Phase V easily connects with many e-commerce platforms including Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce, and more.

Send us your inventory – we store it securely in our warehouses and let you know when it’s running low or needs to be replenished.

We pick, pack and ship your orders as soon as a customer places an order fast and with 99% accuracy.

We Make Onboarding Simple

Our onboarding team works closely with you to make sure you’re set up for success - from connecting to your store or other proprietary inventory systems to helping you configure users, shipping options, and more. We integrate with popular shopping carts and leading industry suppliers for instant order processing and inventory management. Both the warehouse management system and the shopping cart technology are continuously synchronized and updated, allowing your inventory data to be precise and accurate. We handle printing your invoices, updating inventory, packaging with custom labels, and shipping your product.


Managing Your Orders

Phase V makes managing your orders easy, with real-time order management software that gives you the ability to see where your orders are at any point in time in the fulfillment process. From the time the order is picked, packed, or shipped you can log in and easily see shipping-related information and view the status of orders and identify and address any orders requiring action. Phase V supports future ship orders, subscriptions, multi-channel orders, and more. Our order tracking solutions keep you informed on your order’s status at all times throughout the order fulfillment process.

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Shipping Your Orders

Our 3PL logistics programs include an extensive list of shipping carriers and carrier management solutions to cover all of our customers’ shipping needs both domestically and internationally.

Phase V’s 2-day ground shipping along with expedited services means your orders arrive on time. We work with you to reduce costs, improve accuracy, and can handle packages requiring specialized packaging and labeling. Your team at Phase V will easily accommodate any special shipping or carrier needs for your firm. We can assist in automating your pick and pack assembly or handle your prepacked parcels per your customized instructions for any drop shipping or other bulk shipping needs. From unpacking your product from pallet storage to re-packaging, labeling, and shipping to its final destination, you will be able to track your product every step of the journey.

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Managing Your Inventory

Viewing the status of inventory has never been easier with Phase V’s proprietary software. Whether your orders are domestic, international, or a mixture of both, we’ve got you covered with our multiple sales channel technology.

Accurately track your inventory from the time it’s pulled and ready to ship, minimize backorders with automatic replenishment alerts, and gain insight into how to group orders and how to package them to reduce shipping costs, identify slow-moving inventory with high storage costs, units sold over time and more with real-time reporting.

inventory management

Analytics & Reporting

Phase V’s proprietary software was built to deliver the tools our customers need to run their business and provide our customers with total visibility into our operational performance.

Our reporting tools were built with our customers in mind, developed from knowledge gained from our over 35 years in the fulfillment business. Packed with charts, graphs, and the key data points you need to run, track, and make better decisions for your business – it is all at your fingertips. Easily track order status, inventory levels and days to replenishment, average order size, shipping costs, inventory and storage time and cost, fulfillment costs per order, and more. Compare by day, week, month, year to see how you’re doing 24/7. Use data to automate your business and gain a competitive edge.


Because We Care About Your Customers Experience as Much as You Do

Phase V works as an extension of your team to provide your customers with a seamless order fulfillment experience. Everything we pick, pack, and ship on your behalf is tailored to you from branded packaging, branded communication, labels, and more. You define the experience; we execute it on your behalf. We offer seamless return management services that allow customers to generate return labels and track returns adding them back to available inventory.