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Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Phase V Prep for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

When you partner with Phase V Fulfillment, you can get someone on the phone at any time that can help you with your FBA prep requirement concerns and questions. In the expanding arena of online shopping and e-commerce, multi-channel marketing enables online vendors more sales through a variety of outlets, such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.

FBA requires significant preparation for your products

While selling your products on Amazon can significantly expand your brand’s exposure and increase sales, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) can be an involved and detailed process that takes a lot of time and attention to set up properly. Although Amazon offers packing and labeling services, on a per product basis, looking at their product prep page for vendors, you may get the feeling that Amazon’s interest lies more in selling your packaged and labeled products, than in getting products ready to be sold by Amazon.

Phase V packs, labels and ships your FBA products, saving you time and money

Although it may seem like you are in between a rock and hard place with FBA’s packing and shipping requirements, we’d like to suggest a simple, affordable solution that can save you money and time, while also avoiding the distraction of supply chain flow issues. Phase V Fulfillment Company can prep your products, package, label and ship them to Amazon’s warehousing facilities. Many of our clients, who take advantage of our comprehensive one-stop fulfillment services, also sell on Amazon, eBay and through other channels, as well.

Centralize and customize your supply chain operations

Warehousing your inventory in our secure, humidity controlled storage facilities, with air conditioning capabilities, in Ft. Myers, Florida and Phoenix, Arizona provide centralized locations for all of your order processing needs, through any number of sales channels. Our flexible and scalable, custom-tailored outsourcing plans save your company money, and increase your bottom line.  Our logistics advisors are always looking to improve and customize our process to your outsourcing needs do not out pace your growth. We can cut back on packing personnel during off-seasons and add more help during peak seasons. We build all of your orders tailored to your needs, so we can build an order to ship directly to Amazon.

Phase V partners help you to create a comprehensive fulfillment plan to benefit your business

Phase V packing professionals are experienced in packing and labeling products for FBA shipments. Utilizing packing and shipping experts to navigate FBA’s extensive lists of requirements benefits your business in a myriad of ways.


You can reach us by phone at any time if you have questions, concerns or changes to your FBA shipment, whereas trying to reach someone by phone at Amazon can prove frustrating and time-consuming.

Our customer service department is available, 24/7 for you and your customers’ questions, concerns, order changes, returns and replacements responses.


We help you keep your company’s momentum moving forward, keep your talented team focused on creating more products for your brand’s fan base to love, instead of getting all sidetracked in packing, labeling and shipping details to meet FBA’s requirements.


When you outsource all of your order processing and inventory management to Phase V, you can get accurate inventory updates in real time from all of your channels with our user-friendly fulfillment software. Your customers can track their FBA orders and you have access to many inventory management and forecasting tools, so your customers get their products on time, building brand loyalty.

Fulfillment by Amazon provides a great platform for many online vendors to increase exposure and expand their brands. However, navigating FBA’s packing, labeling and shipping prep requirements can derail the most motivated companies, setting back production and squandering valuable time and talent. Phase V can keep your company moving forward and simplify your FBA processes with efficient, affordable third-party logistics for FBA preparation requirements and all of your outsourcing needs! Call us today to speak to one our team members about how our service can help your business.