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Why is 3PL important?

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3PL providers are important in today’s business climate as more and more consumers prefer to shop online and growing businesses strive to meet the demands of fulfilling those orders on time. As e-commerce vendors grow beyond their capabilities to manage the additional influx of sales and increased order fulfillment demands, they are confronted with the option to set up their own fulfillment operations or partner with a 3PL provider for these services. In the past decade, many retailers have opted to partner with 3PL providers for fulfillment services to save e-commerce vendors, as well as traditional storefront businesses, money and time.

More retailers are finding that working with a 3PL company far outweighs the option of leasing warehouse space, purchasing packing and shipping supplies, and setting up fulfillment operations in-house. 3PL providers offer the savings associated with purchasing supplies in bulk in addition to hiring, training, and maintaining skilled fulfillment personnel to pack and ship your orders efficiently and expediently. 3PL providers also relieve growing companies of the time-consuming work involved in picking, packing, and shipping orders, including sourcing and purchasing supplies, learning about distribution options, understanding freight regulations, choosing the appropriate carriers, and handling a variety of different delivery options. Growing businesses have also found that outsourcing their fulfillment operations to 3PL providers allows them to focus on the core values of their company, such as product development and marketing initiatives. The bottom line is that when companies start growing past their current capacity to sustain their fulfillment operations without affecting their business operations, 3PL providers step in to organize, automate, and streamline their fulfillment operations. In doing so, 3PL providers save businesses significant time and money as the result of improved fulfillment operations that translate into more sales and expanding brand awareness. If your small business is at the point where a viable solution is needed to meet the fulfillment demands of your customers’ orders, it’s time to schedule a call with Phase V Fulfillment.