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What is the order fulfillment process?

The order fulfillment process refers to the activities involved in preparing orders for shipment and shipping them to customers. It begins when someone orders one or more of your products online. When a customer clicks the ‘place order’ button, your order management system sends a message from your shopping cart to your pick and pack station in your warehouse to retrieve, or pick, the item(s) to be packed and shipped to your customer. Orders are packed in a way that optimizes space to save money on shipping rates. The increase in online shopping due to changing consumer preferences has seen many e-commerce companies growing to the point that they are choosing to outsource their fulfillment processes to third party logistics providers, or 3PLs, to leverage the skill and knowledge that the fulfillment industry offers to growing businesses. With advanced state-of-the-art data-powered technology, experienced pick and pack personnel, and knowledgeable shipping logistics in place, 3PL service providers act as a turnkey solution that keeps growing online vendors competitive.

Online competition is fierce and most e-commerce vendors don’t want to dive into leasing a warehouse in addition to training and managing staff to perform fulfillment functions so partnering with a 3PL service provider saves e-commerce vendors money while getting more orders to their customers on time, with high accuracy rates. Additionally, etailers can take advantage of 2-day delivery times, deep shipping discounts, as well as huge savings on packaging supplies and the room needed to store those packaging supplies. Utilizing the talents of 3PL fulfillment providers, allows online vendors to focus on product development, expanding their product lines, and other core business focuses, instead of spending their time and talent on fulfilling their orders in-house.

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