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What is online order fulfillment?

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Online order fulfillment is the process that occurs after customers place orders online through e-commerce sites. Once orders are placed, items are picked from the warehouse inventory and packaged then shipped to the customer via various carriers. Online shopping has increased exponentially in the last decade, creating a need for many online retailers, as well as traditional brick and mortar businesses, to partner with third-party logistics (3PL) companies to get help with fulfillment services in order to meet the demand for increasing order volumes. Fulfillment companies, such as Phase V, help growing businesses save time and money by removing the need for leasing or purchasing a warehouse and maintaining skilled warehouse and fulfillment teams. Third-party logistics companies also save businesses time and money by allowing companies to focus on their core objectives, such as developing new products instead of using their talent for fulfillment operations. With the increase in online shopping, consumers have started expecting faster and faster delivery times for their orders. Partnering with third-party logistics companies, businesses can streamline their fulfillment operations towards faster deliveries and further increase their sales, as satisfied customers help build brand loyalty with return orders and referrals. Third-party logistics companies can also funnel multi-channel orders into one coordinated effort, creating consistency in your order fulfillment processes. When all of a company’s orders are packaged and shipped from one central location, it simplifies the fulfillment process, increasing the speed of fulfillment that is reflected in faster, more efficient delivery times. As a third-party order fulfillment expert, Phase V also negotiates better shipping rates on behalf of its clients – further increasing the savings for its partner businesses.