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What is omnichannel order management?

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Omnichannel order management refers to all of the systems involved in ensuring your customers’ orders are fulfilled efficiently and effectively across all of your online marketplaces, physical stores, and other e-commerce outlets. As e-commerce companies continue to grow, managing order fulfillment processes across many channels in-house can cause mistakes in your fulfillment that can incur extra shipping costs or delayed delivery times, which will undoubtedly cause a loss of business in these delivery-sensitive times. 


Visibility can be challenging for growing e-commerce companies. Managing omnichannel marketing outlets is almost impossible without advanced inventory management technology. Working with a 3PL fulfillment partner, such as Phase V, e-commerce companies can leverage the advanced order management systems 3PL service providers use to consolidate all of your sales channels into one coordinated platform that gives you real-time 24/7 inventory counts. 


With heightened visibility and access to advanced data analysis and inventory management tools, you can avoid stock-outs, better communicate with your suppliers, and keep a lean inventory across your 3PL’s distribution network. Seamless communication with your 3PL’s warehousing and fulfillment operations acts to speed up fulfillment times and increase accuracy rates.  


With strategically located distribution centers, your 3PL provides the flexibility to ship your customers’ orders at reduced shipping costs, with faster delivery times and enhanced customer experiences. Your 3PL’s tech-powered software can also customize other delivery options such as ship-to-store and designated pickup locations, to better serve your customer base. 


As your omnichannel sales increase, your 3PL service provider will be able to scale your fulfillment service labor to meet your growing demand, adding more hands where needed to keep order fulfillment moving as swiftly as possible. A reputable 3PL partner, such as Phase V will be able to scale down the labor you need to optimize your omnichannel fulfillment by reducing the labor you require during slower sales cycles. 


Your tech-forward 3PL fulfillment partner includes tracking information for your orders through every step of the fulfillment process, improving transparency for your orders that help to improve customer relationships and keep you and your customers in the tracking loop.

If managing your omnichannel orders in-house has become impossible for your team, do not fret. Phase V Fulfillment has everything needed to keep your orders moving already in place – contact us for a quote!