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What is e-commerce order fulfillment?

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E-commerce order fulfillment refers to the process of warehousing goods, preparing orders for shipping, and shipping orders sold by e-commerce businesses. Traditionally, fulfillment by big-box retail outlets was performed in-house. Over the last decade, online shopping started to edge out traditional brick-and-mortar retailers and more companies started offering their products exclusively on online platforms. Many online vendors found that as they began to grow and expand, their in-house fulfillment operations took on a life of their own, demanding more of a time commitment than these growing companies were prepared to handle. With no storage space for their growing inventory, no dedicated warehousing and inventory management technology in place or a knowledgeable fulfillment staff to tackle their fulfillment operations, many businesses started to look for other solutions.

As e-commerce platforms evolved and online shopping became even more of a consumer preference, more e-commerce vendors found that outsourcing their fulfillment operations to a third-party logistics provider such as Phase V Fulfillment helped them return their focus to developing their business, while placing their fulfillment operations in the hands of an experienced 3PL provider. These turnkey solutions appealed to many e-commerce vendors as partnering with the right 3PL provider could help them save money on packaging and shipping, supplies and equipment, in addition to leveraging the skill and experience of a professional team of fulfillment experts.

With online shoppers demanding shorter and shorter delivery times for their purchases, e-commerce vendors benefit from working alongside a shipping logistics team that can handle an array of different delivery and carrier options to get your orders delivered cost-effectively and on-time. Phase V’s tech-enabled 3PL fulfillment services work constantly to help automate your packing processes and streamline your customized e-commerce fulfillment services, to save your company time and money as it grows.

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