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What is a fulfillment partner?

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With e-commerce businesses growing exponentially, these vendors are finding that they need more space to store and process orders, plus additional labor to manage the fulfillment processes – this is where a fulfillment partner steps in. Instead of halting their upward trajectory and putting their businesses on hold until they can rent a warehouse, staff it and train personnel to perform fulfillment functions, many e-commerce companies are choosing to partner with fulfillment companies, such as Phase V Fulfillment Company. By partnering with the right fulfillment service provider, your business can even take advantage of saving money on packaging supplies. Because e-fulfillment companies purchase packaging containers and insulation materials in bulk, they pass those savings on to their partners. E-fulfillment companies can also produce branded and customized packing materials, along with inserts, bills of lading, shipping invoices, and other forms at lower costs to your business. Your business also saves money and time by utilizing the skill of experienced packaging and shipping pros that can automate your packaging and shipping processes, wherever possible. A great fulfillment partner will also scale your fulfillment plan to adjust to fluctuations in your sales cycles. During slower cycles, you can scale back your fulfillment labor and add labor as sales increase. An essential element of an exemplary fulfillment partner, such as Phase V, includes best-in-class fulfillment and inventory management technology that integrates easily with your online shopping carts and various sales channels. Your e-fulfillment partner will provide your team with easy-to-use software that allows you to set up low inventory alerts to restock your items before they are out of stock in addition to allowing you to create, edit, and view existing orders. Your fulfillment partner will also provide a customer service department that provides prompt replies to your customers' questions and concerns about their orders. With consumers demanding shorter delivery times, your fulfillment partner streamlines your fulfillment processes to ensure more on-time deliveries and increased sales to keep your business expanding at a steady pace while you focus on your core business initiatives.

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