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What is a customer experience strategy?

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A customer experience strategy includes everything a business does to ensure customers get their orders on time with the utmost accuracy. Your customer experience strategy should be seamless from the moment your customer places an order, until the order is delivered, unboxed, and your customer is satisfied with the end product. Communication is an important part of a seamless customer experience. When an order is placed, your customer should receive an email or text message that says you received the order, followed by an email or text that informs your customer that their order has shipped, with tracking info included. Lastly, your customer should receive a delivery message via email or text when their order is delivered.

The way you present your product is important to a seamless customer service experience, as the unboxing experience is high on the list of consumer demands. Along with branded containers and packaging materials, your unboxing experience should include extras, such as promotions, discount coupons, and thank you notes, or other personalized messaging. Customer support that includes an easy way to contact your company when your customers have questions about their orders is essential, as well as a simple system for your customers to return and exchange items. Your return policies should make it easy to process returns for your warehouse and your customer in a timely fashion.

To keep supply chains running smoothly with excellent customer experience ratings, many online businesses are trusting their fulfillment operations to 3PL service providers. Partnering with the right 3PL, such as Phase V Fulfillment Services, you can optimize your fulfillment operations automating your picking and packing as well as the shipping process with a customized plan that works for your company. Streamlining your fulfillment operations towards improved customer experience is only part of a seamless customer experience strategy. Utilizing your 3PL's warehouse management system (WMS) and data analysis capabilities, you can forecast how many units of each item in your inventory you will need each month, without over-ordering to ensure you can keep up with the demand for your fast-moving items and to avoid reordering inventory items that aren't moving as fast. Calculating the rate and amount of inventory needed per month, along with the amount of time it takes to restock your inventory not only prevents stock-outs but also keeps your inventory lean, so you don't incur extra fees for storage. A seamless customer experience depends on excellent inventory level management, streamlining your fulfillment operations, and implementing communication with your customer throughout their order's process and beyond, with personable customer service.

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