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What is a 3PL service provider?

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3PL service providers, or third-party logistics companies, are external businesses that offer a broad range of services to help growing businesses cope with sudden growth and demands for additional space, as well as extra hands to handle increased fulfillment operations. 3PL service providers offer these fulfillment services to growing companies, as an alternative to businesses in the crosshairs of expansion, setting up in-house fulfillment departments.

Reputable 3PL providers are adept at all facets of the fulfillment process and have experienced pick and pack personnel on staff. 3PL providers employ knowledgeable shipping pros to expedite your business’s fulfillment operations towards more efficient and effective on-time deliveries, as well. 3PL service providers also offer customer service that cuts down on product return and exchange transaction times. Additionally, a dedicated customer service department fields customer phone calls and provides solutions to your customers’ questions and ordering issues. 3PL service providers also work with specialized fulfillment software that offers data-driven, scalable solutions for all of your company’s fulfillment processes, and inventory management needs.

To compete in today’s multi-channel outlet environments, 3PL service providers’ technology integrates with most e-commerce shopping carts and coordinates multi-channel outlet sales into one cohesive ordering system, with real-time inventory counts available 24/7. Due to the complexity involved with freight shipping, some 3PL service providers are now offering their own transportation channels to help meet faster and faster delivery times demanded by consumers. With online sales increasing, as people prefer the convenience and safety of online shopping, many growing companies are enhancing their chances of sustaining their expansions by hiring 3PL service providers to handle the heavy lifting of order fulfillment and consistent on-time deliveries.

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