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What carrier is best for international shipping?

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The best carrier for international shipping depends on what you want to ship and how much you want to spend on international shipping. According to the Logistics software company,, German-owned DHL, the largest logistics company in the world, with a presence in over 220 countries, is “one of the topmost trusted international shipping companies worldwide.” Offering real-time monitoring and excellent tracking info, DHL ensures prompt and safe deliveries. “The fastest delivery speed makes DHL a perfect choice for international shipping worldwide.” DHL also helps manage hazardous item shipping, specifically designed for “pharmaceuticals and other chemical-based companies.” DHL offers Worldwide Document Express, DHL Worldwide Parcel Express, and other shipping options. DHL’s prominent reputation for next-day delivery to international locations makes them a popular carrier for customer-oriented companies that want to grow their e-commerce companies globally. FedEx compares favorably, as the popular and “pioneering” international shipping company that excels in handling items, even fragile, perishable, and temperature-sensitive, due to climate-controlled international shipping services. With affordable rates, FedEx also ensures overnight and two-day delivery times for all customers. Priority delivery and efficient packaging are offered for all FedEx customers, as well. More importantly, FedEx provides an ideal option when your e-commerce company is considering integrating US domestic locations with international location shipping services. FedEx offers several services to accommodate your domestic and international shipping needs, including FedEx Smart Post, FedEx Priority, FedEx Home Delivery, FedEx Ground, and other options. UPS is touted as the best in-house carrier for domestic shipping. USPS offers several international services for smaller packages with longer delivery times than DHL and FedEx.

As you can see, the answer to the question is not as straightforward as it seems. Your best bet is to allow your fulfillment company, such as Phase V Fulfillment worry about which carrier is best for shipping your products to clients. With our connections to various carriers, our fulfillment experts can secure deals and agreements not always available to small businesses. Contact us today to discuss your international fulfillment needs and how we can help.