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What are the key factors to successful e-commerce order fulfillment?

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The key factors for successful e-commerce order fulfillment rely on optimizing all of the components of your supply chain from warehousing, through the pick and pack phases, to shipping your orders for consistent, accurate, and cost-effective on-time deliveries. Most e-commerce companies are finding that, as their companies expand, they are outgrowing the capacity to perform their fulfillment functions fast and efficiently with the current number of staff and amount of space they occupy. With online shoppers demanding free shipping, plus faster and faster deliveries, proactive e-commerce companies are turning to 3PL fulfillment service providers, such as Phase V Fulfillment, so their businesses will continue to grow. Your expanding e-commerce company can leverage the systems in place that will increase your competitive edge when you partner with the right fulfillment company! 

Optimizing your fulfillment operations looks like this: 

  • Technology
    All systems are networked through your 3PL’s warehouse management system and order management system that most e-commerce companies find too hefty of an investment for in-house fulfillment operations, but necessary as they grow. Your 3PL integrates with all of your shopping carts, coordinating your multichannel marketing into one easy-to-access interface. With real-time inventory counts and the data analysis tools to forecast demand for your products, as well as set low inventory alerts, you can better manage your inventory costs and prevent stock-outs and dead inventory. Providing tracking information adds a level of transparency in all steps of the fulfillment process that benefits your company and increases your customer experience ratings.
  • Warehousing
    With an experienced and skilled warehouse logistics team using proprietary warehouse management technology, your orders are onboarded efficiently, bar-coded, and assigned a dedicated space in your 3PL’s warehousing network.
  • Pick & Pack
    A reliable 3PL provider employs experienced pick & pack crews utilizing advanced picking software and tech automation to select your orders, in less time, with high accuracy rates. Packing pros streamline your orders, automating assemblies, where possible, with the ability to scale labor up or down, according to your sales cycles.
  • Shipping
    Your shipping logistics team are skilled and experienced pros that ensure your orders are transported and delivered to your customers, as efficiently and affordably, as possible, with deeply discounted carrier rates. 

Successful e-commerce order fulfillment takes all of these factors into account. If your e-commerce business is struggling to meet the demands of fulfilling your orders, contact Phase V Fulfillment. With over 35 years of fulfillment experience, you can count on us to deliver your orders accurately and on time.