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How do I drive more e-commerce sales?

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To drive more e-commerce sales, it’s important to look at every aspect of your customer’s online shopping journey. A few good practices to follow include: 

  • A visually appealing website with easy navigation 
    Visually appealing landing pages and websites draw visitors in, show them what’s unique about your products or services, and nudge them towards conversion. Incorporating clear calls to action (CTAs) and time-sensitive offers can also help push customers towards purchasing decisions even during an initial visit. Using high-quality images throughout your website is important to spotlight your products appropriately. Products should be photographed from several angles and include a zoom feature that allows customers to get a good idea of what the product looks like before committing to purchasing it. Concise, direct product descriptions that fit your customer base’s tastes help keep your pages clean and uncluttered. One-step checkout procedures shorten checkout times by as much as 90% and decrease cart abandonment. Offering a minimum of the top three payment methods for your sector has been proven to increase conversion rates by 30%. Displaying a green-bar SSL certificate lets your customers know their information is encrypted protecting it from hackers and scammers. Displaying customer and company reviews on product pages can also help with encouraging customers to seal the deal. Making sure your site is optimized for mobile browsing and shopping, even on slower Internet connections, is critical in a world where e-commerce is increasingly popular. 

  • Optimize your marketing
    Intentionally target and retarget consumers with relevant video display ads, paid social media, emails, direct mail, radio, TV, and print ad campaigns that extend your business’s reach and drive sales.
  • Develop your social media presence
    Introduce products to online shoppers via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ads and retarget your customers with paid social media ads that your customers see when you want them to, based on data analysis of shopping behaviors or other factors. 

  • Optimize your supply chain by partnering with an experienced 3PL service provider for your fulfillment operations
    Leverage your 3PL’s advanced inventory and warehouse management systems to get real-time inventory counts across all of your sales platforms. By demand forecasting, you can ensure that you have enough inventory on hand to fulfill orders with automated alerts set up to notify you when it’s time to restock, without running short of certain SKUs or sitting on a lot of extra products which ties up capital and might create additional storage charges. Take advantage of your 3PL’s experienced logistics personnel that automate your fulfillment operations for faster and more accurate picking, packing, and shipping. This saves you time and money on packing and shipping supplies with deeply discounted carrier rates. Faster, more accurate, and on-time deliveries help drive more sales to your e-commerce site. Keeping your customers satisfied with a simple return plan that processes your exchanges and returns is also a game-changer.

Driving more sales to your e-commerce site involves optimizing every element of your customer’s journey and partnering with an experienced 3PL service provider such as Phase V Fulfillment to keep your e-commerce company competitive and growing into your next phase of success. Let’s discuss how Phase V can be part of your solution!