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How can you reduce packaging costs?

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You can reduce packaging costs in several ways by taking a closer look at your fulfillment operations

Tighten up Packaging Area 

Organizing the packaging area in your warehouse so that the packaging process flows from one activity to the next, seamlessly, can help speed up the packaging process and cause less damage in product handling. Organizing your packaging supplies so that the most often used supplies are easily accessible and separated from the seldom-used materials can save time locating supplies.

Automating Your Packaging Processes

As your business’s sales increase, due to limitations in time and labor capacities, automating parts of your packaging operation can help reduce human error and avoid accidents or injuries caused by repetitive actions that can result in staff shortages and raise worker compensation premiums. Instead, automatic and semi-automatic devices can free up your packaging personnel to perform other tasks vital to the packaging process and keep your staff out of harm’s way. Automation can speed up your box erecting, taping, and sealing processes, as well as create consistency in packaging that reduces waste, improves accuracy, and enhances your brand’s image. 

Optimize shipping costs

You can customize your boxes and packaging materials to minimize extra space that may result in higher shipping costs, as carriers charge the larger of the dimensional weight and the actual weight of packages that are large but light-weight. You can also ask your carriers to work with you to offer you the best discounts for your business. When you choose FedEx, UPS, or DHL as your primary carrier, you can receive further shipping discounts as well. Smaller boxes also allow you to ship more orders at one time.  

Package Design can Help Reduce Costs

Diversifying your package design can help reduce packaging costs by utilizing less expensive packaging. Using padded envelopes for clothing items, supplements, and other items that don’t need excess protective padding to ship can reduce your packaging costs. Printing logos and graphics directly on shipping boxes can save money on costly labels. You can use 3D printing techniques for packaging design and customization. You can also utilize software solutions that can provide optimized packaging schemes for your orders.

Using a 3PL Service Provider for Your Fulfillment Operations

Many e-commerce vendors are opting to partner with a 3PL service provider, such as Phase V Fulfillment, to handle packaging their orders, along with working with you to design a customized plan that streamlines your entire fulfillment process – eliminating the need for you to invest in a warehouse and automated fulfillment equipment, in addition to hiring extra staff to fulfill your orders. E-commerce vendors can also leverage the skills and experience of fulfillment pros as well as take advantage of advanced warehouse management systems, proprietary technology, and real-time inventory management tools. 

Partnering with a fulfillment company streamlines your fulfillment operations for consistently accurate on-time deliveries, while also reducing packaging costs to optimize your fulfillment processes. Are you interested in discussing how to reduce your packaging costs while improving your fulfillment process? It’s a winning combination when you partner with Phase V Fulfillment. Call us today!