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How can you improve the order fulfillment process?

As an online vendor, you can improve your order fulfillment process in many ways – consider these ideas.

  • You can automate your order fulfillment processes by adding inexpensive low-tech tape machines and box erectors that can save you money and time.
  • You can also automate your fulfillment processes by organizing your inventory in a way that is logical and easy for pickers to find. Barcoding your inventory can also help speed up the picking process.
  • Installing inventory and warehouse management technology can improve your fulfillment process by creating a real-time inventory data environment with transparency so you know exactly how much inventory you have making it possible for you to contact suppliers to replenish your products or materials to avoid out-of-stock and backorder messages. These situations could cost your business customers as they can click on another vendor’s site that can deliver their orders in as little time as possible with as little inconvenience as possible.
  • Excellent communication is another way you can improve your fulfillment process. Providing knowledgeable and resourceful Account Managers that provide solutions to your customer’s questions and concerns about the fulfillment process keeps lines of communication open and improves your customer experience rating, leading to referrals that expand your customer base.
  • Providing return labels and easy return methods for your orders can improve your fulfillment process by keeping your supply chain moving smoothly.
  • Another way to improve your fulfillment process is to inquire if your preferred carrier offers discounts for dedicated shippers. Some carriers may be able to work with you to reduce shipping supply costs, as well.

These are all viable ways to improve your fulfillment process.  The most important thing over 60% of online vendors do to improve their fulfillment process is to partner with a reputable 3PL provider, such as Phase V, who can offer you turnkey solutions to your fulfillment process, including proprietary data-based warehouse and inventory management technology in addition to deep shipping discounts, experienced and skillful professional fulfillment personnel, a variety of packing supplies at significant savings, exemplary customer support, plus 2-day shipping that’s crucial for online competitors to stay competitive in the e-commerce world.

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