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Does e-commerce slow down in the summer?

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Traditionally, retail sales slow down in the summer, as consumers are taking vacations and spending their money on traveling and relaxing by the pool and at the shore. Some segments that do well in the summer include clothing sales, due to consumers buying new items for their vacation destinations. However, according to, on average, e-commerce retailers sell 30% less during the summer months than they do in the fall and winter. With sales slowing down in the summer months, e-commerce vendors can take advantage of this downtime to:

  • Give your website a summer look and feel with seasonal graphics, etc.
  • Feature summer sales on clearance items and host a sale for discounted winter items as a limited-time offer.
  • Optimize your website for mobile devices since 72.9% of e-commerce purchases are made on mobile devices.
  • Plan for the upcoming holiday season by analyzing data based on previous seasons to forecast demand for the upcoming holiday rush.
  • Try out some new marketing and sales tools, before the busier seasons to keep your marketing and sales teams engaged.
  • Take a look at your Google Analytics reports and determine why visitors are abandoning your site on certain pages. Maybe you can add more content to certain pages that could use more images and product reviews. Online shoppers notoriously abandon their carts at checkout, due to limited payment options, finding out there were shipping costs involved, and/or not finding desired delivery dates for their orders. Working out these issues in the summer can increase your conversion rates throughout the year.

Taking the time to optimize your e-commerce company’s operations during the slower summer months will better prepare you for a more successful 2022 holiday sales season.

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