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How can I improve my order fulfillment?

As online shopping continues to evolve, a growing number of businesses are attempting to manage their increasing supply chain and fulfillment operation demands while also staying on top of their product development and manufacturing initiatives. Unless part of your business is set up to include...Continue Reading »

Does e-commerce slow down in the summer?

Traditionally, retail sales slow down in the summer, as consumers are taking vacations and spending their money on traveling and relaxing by the pool and at the shore. Some segments that do well in the summer include clothing sales, due to consumers buying new items for their vacation destinations....Continue Reading »

How can e-commerce improve merchandising?

E-commerce can improve merchandising in a variety of ways including optimizing your website for easy navigation and more visual appeal, automating data analysis to collect more specific information to better target merchandising efforts to your audience, optimizing your site for mobile...Continue Reading »

How can you reduce packaging costs?

You can reduce packaging costs in several ways by taking a closer look at your fulfillment operations.  Tighten up Packaging Area  Organizing the packaging area in your warehouse so that the packaging process flows from one activity to the next, seamlessly, can help speed up the...Continue Reading »

How do I drive more e-commerce sales?

To drive more e-commerce sales, it’s important to look at every aspect of your customer’s online shopping journey. A few good practices to follow include:  A visually appealing website with easy navigation Visually appealing landing pages and websites draw visitors in, show...Continue Reading »

How do you calculate optimal stock levels?

When you accurately calculate stock level, you have enough stock on hand to prevent stockouts or backorders but not so much that you need extra space to store the extra inventory that could sit for a long time incurring long-term storage fees. Maintaining the ideal stock level is based on several...Continue Reading »

How do you optimize order management?

Optimizing order management is a constant struggle when e-commerce businesses are managing their incoming orders, warehouse, packing, shipping, inventory, etc. while also trying to develop new product lines to grow the business. Many businesses have found that partnering with a third-party...Continue Reading »

How do you reduce deadstock?

There are several things e-commerce businesses can do to reduce deadstock in their warehouses. Using inventory management technology to track your inventory and analyze data to forecast sales cycles towards achieving an optimal inventory level can help avoid deadstock situations as much as...Continue Reading »

How much are fulfillment costs?

Fulfillment costs vary depending on whether you perform your own fulfillment in-house or outsource your fulfillment to a 3PL provider. To determine your in-house fulfillment costs, you’ll need to determine your cost per order (CPO) to do your own order fulfillment. A CPO includes...Continue Reading »

How much does it cost to ship internationally?

International shipping costs differ from country to country and carrier to carrier. Shipping costs also depend on the agreement between the buyers and the sellers, as to when, what you are shipping and what and where responsibilities for packages transition from seller to buyer in terms of: Type...Continue Reading »

What are customers’ expectations when online shopping?

When consumers shopped online prior to 2005, when Amazon started offering free 2-day delivery for its Prime customers, they expected to wait for several days or sometimes up to a week for their orders to arrive. Online shoppers also expected to pay shipping and handling fees for their orders....Continue Reading »

What are fulfillment costs?

  Fulfillment costs consist of the amount of labor, supplies, and warehouse management it takes to process orders and ship them to customers. Costs include retrieving your items from your inventory, assembling products (if necessary), and packaging them with custom...Continue Reading »

What are the key factors to successful e-commerce order fulfillment?

The key factors for successful e-commerce order fulfillment rely on optimizing all of the components of your supply chain from warehousing, through the pick and pack phases, to shipping your orders for consistent, accurate, and cost-effective on-time deliveries. Most e-commerce companies are...Continue Reading »

What carrier is best for international shipping?

The best carrier for international shipping depends on what you want to ship and how much you want to spend on international shipping. According to the Logistics software company,, German-owned DHL, the largest logistics company in the world, with a presence in over 220 countries,...Continue Reading »

What does a 3PL company do?

3PL companies, or third-party logistics companies, offer an array of services to assist growing businesses by providing outsourced warehousing and fulfillment operation logistics to those businesses. Traditionally, businesses partnered with 3PL service providers when they're so large that they...Continue Reading »

What does e-fulfillment mean?

E-fulfillment refers to the process of preparing products purchased from e-commerce vendors for delivery to customers. The e-fulfillment process begins with warehousing inventory in a secure facility, with optimal humidity and temperature settings for your products. E-fulfillment facilities utilize...Continue Reading »

What does the term deadstock mean?

Deadstock refers to inventory that you have stored in a warehouse that doesn't move or sell. While every e-commerce business has seen some SKUs move faster than others, deadstock, for one reason or another, are products that don't sell. Sometimes, when vendors think they may run short of certain...Continue Reading »

What is a 3PL service provider?

3PL service providers, or third-party logistics companies, are external businesses that offer a broad range of services to help growing businesses cope with sudden growth and demands for additional space, as well as extra hands to handle increased fulfillment operations. 3PL service providers offer...Continue Reading »

What is a backordered item?

Backorders happen when your customer orders items that you don’t have enough inventory in your fulfillment center to process. There was a time, not so long ago, when customers were content to wait for backordered items to be restocked. There are still unique situations where backorders act as...Continue Reading »

What is a customer experience strategy?

A customer experience strategy includes everything a business does to ensure customers get their orders on time with the utmost accuracy. Your customer experience strategy should be seamless from the moment your customer places an order, until the order is delivered, unboxed, and your customer is...Continue Reading »

What is a fulfillment partner?

With e-commerce businesses growing exponentially, these vendors are finding that they need more space to store and process orders, plus additional labor to manage the fulfillment processes – this is where a fulfillment partner steps in. Instead of halting their upward trajectory and putting...Continue Reading »

What is a fulfillment service?

  A fulfillment service is a third party logistics (3PL) service provider that processes orders for shipment to your customers. Fulfillment services come in many shapes and sizes with basic services that include warehousing or storing inventory, picking,...Continue Reading »

What is Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime?

Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) is an Amazon platform that allows sellers to display the Prime badge while fulfilling their own domestic orders from their own storage facilities. SFP allows vendors to sell directly to Prime customers without using Amazon’s fulfillment operations.  In...Continue Reading »

What is demand forecasting?

Demand forecasting is a process that companies use to determine how much inventory they will need for upcoming sales cycles using an analysis of historical data from the previous year’s sales volumes and factoring in any current trends or unusual events such as natural disasters, global...Continue Reading »

What is e-commerce kitting?

In e-commerce, kitting refers to selling a specific collection of products as a set in one container that has its own unique SKU. Different from bundling, which refers to buying two or more items that can be purchased separately or combined for a discounted price. Kitting involves creating...Continue Reading »

What is e-commerce order fulfillment?

E-commerce order fulfillment refers to the process of warehousing goods, preparing orders for shipping, and shipping orders sold by e-commerce businesses. Traditionally, fulfillment by big-box retail outlets was performed in-house. Over the last decade, online shopping started to edge out...Continue Reading »

What is FBA?

FBA, Fulfillment by Amazon, is one of Amazon’s fulfillment platforms for online sellers. Sellers that do not have fulfillment logistics in place can pay Amazon a fee to store their inventory in one of Amazon’s distribution centers. Amazon will then pick, pack, and ship their orders for...Continue Reading »

What is FBM?

Amazon Fulfillment works in two different ways: Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM). As the names imply, FBA sellers send their inventory to Amazon distribution centers, where it is stored for a fee. When your customers place orders, your products are picked, packed, and...Continue Reading »

What is included in the cost of inventory?

  Inventory cost includes the expenditure required to produce or purchase products for resale and the sales cost, order cost and inventory hold cost. The cost of inventory includes the administrative fees, such as purchasing orders and other paperwork needed to purchase raw materials or...Continue Reading »

What is omnichannel order management?

Omnichannel order management refers to all of the systems involved in ensuring your customers’ orders are fulfilled efficiently and effectively across all of your online marketplaces, physical stores, and other e-commerce outlets. As e-commerce companies continue to grow, managing order...Continue Reading »

What is online order fulfillment?

Online order fulfillment is the process that occurs after customers place orders online through e-commerce sites. Once orders are placed, items are picked from the warehouse inventory and packaged then shipped to the customer via various carriers. Online shopping has increased exponentially in the...Continue Reading »

What is outsourced fulfillment?

  he growing preference towards online shopping has allowed many e-commerce merchants to grow rapidly. While expansion is the goal of these online companies, as e-commerce companies continue to see increased sales, they are faced with the decision to keep fulfilling orders in-house or to...Continue Reading »

What is the difference between 3PL and 4PL?

The difference between 3PL and 4PL for e-commerce and brick and mortar retailers is that when businesses partner with a 3PL service provider, they turn over control of their order fulfillment operations to a third-party logistics company, in order to scale their businesses without the expense of...Continue Reading »

What is the role of social media in e-commerce?

The role of social media in e-commerce has evolved from a way to gain more awareness for your brand and grow your community of followers to a fast and easy way to shop online without leaving social media platforms. Social media marketing has always offered brands a way to connect with online...Continue Reading »

Why do companies use 3PL?

Companies use 3PL services to provide fast, efficient, and affordable fulfillment operations for their supply chain solutions. Third-party logistics companies can save businesses money and time in every aspect of their fulfillment process with an emphasis on fast, on-time, intact order deliveries....Continue Reading »

Why is 3PL important?

3PL providers are important in today’s business climate as more and more consumers prefer to shop online and growing businesses strive to meet the demands of fulfilling those orders on time. As e-commerce vendors grow beyond their capabilities to manage the additional influx of sales and...Continue Reading »

Why is branded packaging important?

  Branded packaging is important for several reasons. Custom packaging creates interest in your products. Unique, well-designed packaging sets your brand apart from your competitors. Your packaging conveys a lot about your brand’s image to customers. Your choice of colors and...Continue Reading »

Why should I use a fulfillment company?

  The choice to use a fulfillment company usually occurs when your company grows beyond its current capacity to fulfill outgoing orders in-house. For around a decade, online shopping has been carving out a larger part of the market share as consumers prefer to shop online. As most...Continue Reading »