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  • What is a fulfillment partner?
    With e-commerce businesses growing exponentially, these vendors are finding that they need more space to store and process orders, plus additional labor to manage the fulfillment processes – this is where a fulfillment partner steps in. Instead of halting their upward trajectory and putting their businesses on hold until they can rent a warehouse, staff it and train personnel to Continue Reading
  • What does e-fulfillment mean?
    E-fulfillment refers to the process of preparing products purchased from e-commerce vendors for delivery to customers. The e-fulfillment process begins with warehousing inventory in a secure facility, with optimal humidity and temperature settings for your products. E-fulfillment facilities utilize state of the art technology crucial to successful e-fulfillment and should combine all the elements of your fulfillment process into a Continue Reading
  • Why do companies use 3PL?
    Companies use 3PL services to provide fast, efficient, and affordable fulfillment operations for their supply chain solutions. Third-party logistics companies can save businesses money and time in every aspect of their fulfillment process with an emphasis on fast, on-time, intact order deliveries. Before consumers preferred online shopping to visiting their local brick and mortar retail outlets, fast, on-time deliveries were Continue Reading
  • What is the difference between 3PL and 4PL?
    The difference between 3PL and 4PL for e-commerce and brick and mortar retailers is that when businesses partner with a 3PL service provider, they turn over control of their order fulfillment operations to a third-party logistics company, in order to scale their businesses without the expense of maintaining a warehouse and leveraging the expertise 3PL service providers offer. 3PL service Continue Reading
  • What does a 3PL company do?
    3PL companies, or third-party logistics companies, offer an array of services to assist growing businesses by providing outsourced warehousing and fulfillment operation logistics to those businesses. Traditionally, businesses partnered with 3PL service providers when they're so large that they could afford to hire an outside company to pick, pack and ship orders that the business lacked the time and personnel Continue Reading
  • What is a 3PL service provider?
    3PL service providers, or third-party logistics companies, are external businesses that offer a broad range of services to help growing businesses cope with sudden growth and demands for additional space, as well as extra hands to handle increased fulfillment operations. 3PL service providers offer these fulfillment services to growing companies, as an alternative to businesses in the crosshairs of expansion, Continue Reading
  • Why is 3PL important?
    3PL providers are important in today’s business climate as more and more consumers prefer to shop online and growing businesses strive to meet the demands of fulfilling those orders on time. As e-commerce vendors grow beyond their capabilities to manage the additional influx of sales and increased order fulfillment demands, they are confronted with the option to set up their Continue Reading
  • How can I improve my order fulfillment?
    As online shopping continues to evolve, a growing number of businesses are attempting to manage their increasing supply chain and fulfillment operation demands while also staying on top of their product development and manufacturing initiatives. Unless part of your business is set up to include warehousing and fulfillment operations, when your business grows into its next phase of expansion, you’re Continue Reading
  • How does online order fulfillment work?
    Now that an increasing number of consumers prefer the convenience of online shopping and are demanding faster and faster delivery times for their online orders, efficient, streamlined online order fulfillment is essential to keep orders moving through the supply chain. This race to get orders delivered faster was driven by two-day delivery, next day delivery, and same-day delivery services offered Continue Reading
  • What is online order fulfillment?
    Online order fulfillment is the process that occurs after customers place orders online through e-commerce sites. Once orders are placed, items are picked from the warehouse inventory and packaged then shipped to the customer via various carriers. Online shopping has increased exponentially in the last decade, creating a need for many online retailers, as well as traditional brick and mortar Continue Reading