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Customer Management

Phase V's Customer Management for Product Fulfillment

Customer management for product fulfillment at Phase V is easy, we provide worry-free 24/7 customer support for any question or problem.  Our goal is to provide outstanding customer communications that are designed to increase customer satisfaction, brand loyalty for you and your retailers  and long term customer relations. To ensure goals are met, we guarantee a response to any inquiry or question within 24 hours. Our priority is customer care, for you and your customers. Every customer service rep is trained using rigorous brand and product guidelines.   That’s not just customer management support – it’s Phase V’s customer management support.

  • On-boarding
    Our on-boarding process is all-encompassing. From the moment we begin working together, we are continuously looking for ways to improve the fulfillment process to ensure your success. We aren’t just your provider, but your partner.
  • Process Improvement
    The phase V process improvement approach emphasizes Lean Six Sigma methodology. Our trained logistics staff can help you and your business improve the fulfillment process while leading your organization to world-class success.
  • Reporting
    Phase V offers flexible reporting at no extra charge. We believe that every client should have complete transparency when it comes to inventory and to their supply chain visibility.

If you are looking for comprehensive product fulfillment with state-of-the-art technology and quality outsourcing for your customer service, call Phase V today!


“I wanted to email you to express how pleased we are with the attentiveness and professionalism Phase V has provided to our account. The service has been excellent and it has allowed us to grow as a company.”

Marc S. Schneider, MD, CEO, Dioxyme

“Phase V is doing an exceptional job of fulfilling our orders with accuracy and professionalism. They clearly have an expertise in fulfillment and pride in their work. The way each box is packed reflects an organization that cares and that, in turn, reflects well on Solace Lifesciences.”

Jim Poole, President and CEO, Solace Lifesciences, Inc.