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About Us

Our Vision

At Phase V, our vision is to help our clients find turnkey fulfillment solutions that work for their business, even as they drive new business and grow into new markets. Phase V handles every step of the process — from the initial sales inquiry to the moment the customer receives the product so that our clients can focus on growing their business. We strive to be the leading privately owned US-based e-commerce fulfillment service for domestic and global merchants, always maintaining the highest quality customer service standards in the industry during our continued growth.

Our History

Phase V started its operations in 1980. Early on, the company developed a national database and focused on direct mail advertising and database management services. In 1986, we started to integrate our inbound contact center and product fulfillment services into the service mix.

Today, Phase V, under the new ownership of George Otte, is using the latest technologies to provide a well-rounded lineup of products and services including:

Phase V is at the fulfillment forefront. The advantage of partnering with us is that we are a one-stop-shop that will seamlessly integrate the entire fulfillment process from order placement, inventory management, and shipping to tracking and reporting. We provide turnkey solutions for all your fulfillment needs.

What’s New?

In February 2021, Phase V Fulfillment opened a new 70,000+ square foot warehouse in the Premier Airport Park in Fort Myers, Florida. This warehouse is in an ideal location allowing easy access to all shipping methods. It will have multiple temperature zones allowing us to meet all of our clients’ needs. The additional space and docks will allow for a more efficient movement of goods entering and exiting the warehouse.

In April 2021, Phase V began operations from a facility located in Phoenix, Arizona. Having a second center strategically located in the Western part of the country allows us to offer 2-day shipping to almost anywhere in the US. The 80,000+ square foot warehouse is 100% temperature controlled year round to accommodate customers who need air-conditioning capabilities.

Phase V has developed a proprietary WMS software that will help ensure the efficiency and accuracy of every customers’ orders. Our goal is to continue to enhance the customer experience every chance we get.


George Otte is an accomplished entrepreneur and business leader with nearly two decades of varied business operations experience. Otte, Founder and Chairman of the Otte Polo Group, does business both in the U.S. and internationally. The Otte Polo Group owns several subsidiaries, including Phase V Fulfillment.

Acquired in 2013 by Otte, Phase V Fulfillment was an existing fulfillment, direct mail, and contact center with a broad range of customers – some who had been with the brand since the early 1980s. Phase V allowed Otte to take a legacy business and grow it into a modern powerhouse.

Under his direction, Phase V has expanded and is now the top fulfillment company in Florida. Phase V handles a wide range of third party logistic solutions, and value-added supply chain operation solutions for its customers, allowing them to focus on what they do best – growing their business and forging lasting customer relationships.

Phase V's services include:

  • Receiving and examining inventory for quantity and quality control.
  • Warehousing and storage in a secure, humidity controlled storage warehouse with air conditioning capabilities.
  • Maintaining a secure inventory and order management with the aligned goals of security, scalability, and flexible integration.
  • Running advanced analytics to develop the ideal shipping & logistics plans.
  • Providing comprehensive customer service.
  • In addition to other value-added logistics solutions.

Otte continues to encourage innovation, as well as successful business growth.